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School uniform policy leaves children in tears

Source: Maitland Mercury

Parents of students at Metford Public School, in the NSW Hunter, are furious with the school's attempts to enforce its uniform policy, saying the method "Anadrol 50" used is humiliating and a form of bullying.

But a department spokesman admitted that at least one child, a kindergarten student, was called to the front and sat down humiliated and in tears after not receiving a toy because they Anavar For Weight Loss were out of uniform.

Parents vented their anger on Facebook on Thursday.

"Metford Public School is implementing a system of "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" public humiliation to enforce school uniform," one said.

"Humiliation is not OK it's bullying."

"They draw students names out of a hat during assembly, call them up, scrutinise their uniform; if in uniform they get a school mascot squishy toy, if not they are told 'No you don't have the right coloured shoes' or 'No you have the wrong shoe laces' and told to sit down, often resulting in tears or students now refusing to stand when their name is called.

"It's disgusting and heartbreaking to watch.

"The school is in a low socioeconomic area so some families can't afford to buy new shoes because [the school has] just recently insisted on black shoes."

But a department spokesman denied that it was policy to criticise children who were not in school uniform.

"The school strongly encourages students to wear the school "Anaboliset Aineet" uniform for welfare reasons, to encourage responsibility for personal appearance and unity within the school community," the spokesman said.

"One of the incentives used is that if a student's name is drawn in assembly and if they are in correct uniform, they come to the stage to receive "Anaboliset Aineet" a small school mascot toy. Anadrol Liquid If not in uniform, they do not come to the stage.

"The incentive is working well towards supporting the school's uniform policy, there have been no complaints or other misunderstandings with students or parents."

Acting principal Cathy Watt said in the school's August newsletter that the school was committed to ensuring their students wore the correct uniform.

"Wearing of our school uniform Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes shows pride in our school and respect for our school learning community. I realise this may be confronting for some of our school families, but over time, it is expected that all our students will be proudly wearing the correct school uniform."

"We are currently looking into ways in which we can make it easier for you to ensure that your children are in the correct uniform," she said.

The incident involving the kindergarten student has been resolved.

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